The Weird Life Cycle of the Ladybug

It is that time of year again and as the aphid population swells, so will that of the ladybug.  The insect itself has a fairly strange life cycle and here it is for you in all its wonderful gory, sorry, glory.

The male has an insect penis which is called an aedeagus. A “lock and key” fit means that if he gets it wrong and tries to mate with another species of ladybug, he will not get to third base! Fertilization, as you can see, is internal, which surprises many people. It doesn’t exactly start with a kiss, but with a little Barry White in the background this could almost be classed as romantic! Almost, but not quite!


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by taliesyn30.

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Ummm...third base? I think you got your bases mixed up. 4th base (or home plate) is what would be considered penetration, or the equivalent to sexual intercourse. Third base has to do with digital penetration or manipulation.
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Fun and informative read about the life of a ladybug :) I didnt think they lived so long and Ive never seen one in any other stage than adult, they are much more creepy looking before they change
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"The Weird Life Cycle of the Ladybug"

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