Sneaky Skunks Break Into A Fridge

I would assume that these skunks have been de-stinked and taken in as pets since the person is video taping them from such a close spot, but it seems they've held onto their instincts to break into things to get food. The result is pretty cute. Do any of you know someone who had pet skunks?

Link Via I Can Has Cheezburger

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We have a pet skunk, "Flower" my daughter named him, or "Wee skunk" as I call him. We also have 4 cats as well. We do not bathe him, he takes care of himself in that regard, his previous owners bathed him weekly and all of his hair fell out. He is litter trained, and has run of our house just like our cats do. It is perfectly legal to have him, although some states only allow the fancy colored ones, black and white ones are not legal since you can't tell the difference between domestic and wild ones. You can't really let them outside, they have no homing instinct and will just wander wherever their nose takes them. If you startle ours he will "poot" which releases a little bit of an odor, but it only lasts for about 30 seconds before it dissipates. Skunks will eat and eat and eat so they do tend towards fatness if you don't control their diet. As you see in the video they are very food driven, and are able to gain access to pretty much ANYWHERE unless you skunk proof it. He's a fun pet, and definitely a conversation starter. When we moved and had the plumber and cable man come into our new home we had to warn them....Yes, he is a skunk, yes he is supposed to be there, and yes he is descented. When people ask if he's "deskunked" I tell them, "No, he's descented. If I ran over him with a car, THEN he would be deskunked."
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I had a legal, de-scented skunk purchased from a licensed breeder as a pet. Stinks lived to a 'ripe' old age of 14 yrs. Very curious, very near-sighted, scent driven nocturnal pet that loved to dig. She loved attention and got along with our dogs & cats fine. She became a lap skunk in her old age. Before ever spraying (she still had the behavior just not the ability) she would hiss, foot stomp, and puff herself up to be as intimidating as possible. She was a great pet as a kid but I wouldn't get one for my kids.
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