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That isn't even dementia. Dementia is impaired mental processes due to brain damage or injury. They should have said impaired mental functioning, but not dementia. Also, correlation doesn't imply causation. I think this deserves an emoticon on my part: =P
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But I don't wanna be a nurse! That's a shame, I was interested in reading this article. I have to say though, how else can you acquire the werewolf syndrome other than genetically? It's a syndrome, so there's no other way to get it. And now, because of a bad link, I'll never know.
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I think it's cool. I would like it more if the arms were bendable, so you could position them differently. I wouldn't recommend this clock in a kid's room, though. Silhouettes of the simplest things scared me when I was little.
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No offense, but ...DUH! I know a nine-month old who just recently made the signs for "mom" and "bottle." No words, but the message was clear. Gestures are the natural path to language because gestures are just non-verbal communication. Every toddler will gesture before words appear. "Gesturing also appears to be a precursor to forming words." No duh.
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Kids imitate what they see adults do (my brother once learned to flip people off at three years). This kid may not be inhaling now, but he'll probably be smoking once he gets older. That's very sad. And to Bobby in comment 13, disapproving this isn't racism -- it's human health, which is universal.
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I was home-schooled in in childhood. My little brother has Asperger's. When we moved, we were enrolled in public elementary school. No offense if any aides or special education workers are reading this, but at my school, they sucked at their job. My little brother withdrew even further, terrified because he was bullied. We began home-schooling again, and it's been great. I started college at 16, and my little brother has improved splendidly, exceeding everyone's expectations. Home-schooling is a topic near and dear to my heart.
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