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Cool. Those pics in the article are stunning. It looks like snow, like Antarctica. That hotel would be interesting to see too, although the mattress would probably be uncomfortable seeing as it's made of salt.
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Great technology. But to me this takes the joy out of learning to play a song. I feel satisfied when I nail a difficult part of a song, knowing that I got myself to that point.

However, I can see the potential of this technology for people with motor control disabilities, though perhaps for other uses.

...Watching the video, wouldn't that feel creepy to strap your arms and fingers to that contraption? And have it scoot them around? Weird.
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@Samsonite: Did you read the article? He said he paints these landscapes because he lives in a top floor flat with no view. "It makes me think of places I can't see." He is imaginative, just in a different way from the norm.
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Wow! The scenes aren't only correctly portrayed, but also beautiful and emotional. Watercolors are difficult to work with too, but obviously not for this kid.

What did I draw when I was six? A crayon dog with no face and 5 legs.
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That'll get you pulled over. Heck, people would probably scream "demon!" and try to run you over. Hope the helmet can take the impact...
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I'm a speech language pathology student. Can you believe something like that is in your throat?! This amazes me. Not only are the vocal folds vibrating at intense speeds (Hz) but the very walls of the larynx are shaping the sound.

And to dd, we might not be able to see the folds close in high notes because the strobe light might not have been set to be in sync with the hz of the note she was singing.
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I know nothing about architecture (all I know is what lincoln logs taught me). Wouldn't the whole structure come down in one half was removed or rotting? Surely it can't be stable.
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After the Big Friendly Giant fell asleep in China, he was awakened by a peculiar itch in his ear. Upon further investigation, it was found to be a panda.
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I really don't know. I had Barbies growing up, and I turned out fine. For young kids, dolls are great because they are symbolic play, and symbolic play is a much higher mental concept than just stacking blocks. It's older girls, maybe 7-12, that dolls like Bratz and Barbies can be harmful to. 7-12 year olds are beginning to develop self esteem and self image, and having a perfect looking barbie doll probably won't help.
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