Destino: A Cartoon Short by Disney and Dali

In 1946, famed surrealist artist Salvador Dali and Walt Disney became unlikely collaborators, and set to work on a short film called Destino.

The project was ultimately abandoned with less than 20 seconds of film shot, but six decades later modern Disney artists completed the film using Dali's original storyboards. The result is easily the strangest thing to come out of the Disney studios since... well, probably ever.


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okaayyy that has got to be one of the wierdest things I have ever seen. Where did the baseball bat come from?? And the birds?? And everything else?? It was pretty random. Or should I say... VERY random. Good to watch though (-:-)
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I really liked "destino". It like nothing ever really created- something even partially close would be Animatrix. I mean, think about when this was created! And this was only a pilot- the board hadn't thought it would sell (which they were very very wrong about)and shut it down before anything really got started! This is a once in a lifetime kind of art! Dali and Walt will never again create anything together- they are gone! They were working outside of their timeline on something generations in the making! Think about it- cartoons like Elmer Fudd and Bug bunny compared to "Destino" and the magical workings within it of Dali- Tres Magnifique! Has anyone truly seen ANYTHING comparable to this? An artist who paints with a cartoonist who plays making this?! It's like our own little big bang!
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It's neat to see I'm not the only one that got the uncanny Aeon Flux vibe on this. (At least from the short trailer on YouTube, all the others were killed off by the copyright police.) But is it because Peter Chung was influenced by Dali (there is some element of surrealism in Peter's style, so I don't doubt that), or could it even be that Peter Chung was working for Disney (and worked on this) when the animation was resurrected from the vault and finally completed from the old storyboards? That would be a fun piece of trivia to know.

I haven't seen the full version, so I'm not sure how the CGI is. However, the idea of it doesn't seem that far out of character. From what I could guess about Dali based on what I've read about him, if he ever had access to it - he is the type that would have used it. Even if not using CGI directly to make art, definitely there would have been some collaboration with those who could help bring the vision to life. The fact he got together with Disney at one point to do animation (a media he normally doesn't work in, and the closest comparable thing to CGI of the era) would seem to support the idea.
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