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Neural plasticity ftw! I remember reading somewhere about the language areas in the brains of the deaf who use sign language. There's activity in both the left language hemisphere, and in the right visuospatial; and that's pretty darn neat.
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This makes sense, as it's more likely that the obese will have health problems that need immediate care, like heart attacks and cardiac arrest.
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Sometime in the last few years, someone in my town was accidentally baled. I heard it was horribly gruesome, they had to gather up the pieces of what was left of him. Ugh all the bloody hay and machinery... This ad doesn't sit well with me, it's totally not real. It's not funny at all.
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Now they'll all die. Cute. I know there are a lot of rabbits in the world, but it still makes me sad that this litter will die cuz of that guy.
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Wow! This impresses me. Vowels are really complicated both in acoustics and production, and that thingy (although weird) makes recognizable vowel sounds. I'm in a speech science class right now, and I might show this to the professor. She'd be all over this.
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These linguistic declines happen to all elderly people to a degree. The fact that she's wrote books at 79 is a good thing. The books are still comprehensible, just not as clear and precise as earlier ones. It's like the intellectual demand of writing a book "held off" the dementia.
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I was thinking about this yesterday. Why buy an expensive dress to wear for only one night? Why could't you just rent it? This is genius in its practicality.
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Hair today...
gone tomorrow.

How can anyone take this seriously? People in the background are straight-faced. The models look all serious. If I were there, I'd be laughing so hard my diaphragm would rupture.

My favorite one was the giant sphere of black hair with a peekhole for the eyes. The hair collar one was super functional, I can totally imagine getting that ready in the morning to wear that day. And the braids one? Who needs breathing and eating--not me! I wanna be fashionable!
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The internet only encourages literacy. Whether it's spelled right or not, language is language and you have to be able to read it, eVeN if itS tyPed stupid like that.
And I don't think we're dumbed down, because for those with inquisitive minds, google and wikipedia are heaven.
I think I can confidently say that this generation isn't afraid of writing. I once had an old employer write me a letter of recommendation. He was so reluctant and never did it, so I just had him sign the bottom of a paper and I wrote the letter myself. The same idea with my parents, too. I don't think older generations are as confident as we are (this does not apply to you, Miss Cellania ;D )
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