Where Baby Bunnies Come From

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Get the insulin ready, this cute is strong with this one. -via Buzzfeed

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According to Scientific American, mother rabbits have a higher propensity than other animals to abandon disturbed nests Not that it will necessarily happen but why take that chance?
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Those babies will probably be fine. They're much older than I've ever known a doe to eat her babies. That being said, momma bunny's going to know someone screwed with the nest, and it may panic her. Bad form, whoever that was. Bad form. That was just /mean/.
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In my youth, I recall passing by a fellow student (probably 2'nd grade or so) who was smashing bird eggs through a face of tears. I asked him what was was going on and he told me another kid had picked up the eggs and they had people scent on them, and HE was smashing the eggs (thinking he was being humane, and saving the embryos some suffrage) because the mom bird wouldn't come back, and leaving them would be cruel.

Kinda moronic, now that I see 7anya's snope link.
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Rabbits killing their young because of human scent - myth.

@ Knothead - He is showing the wonders of nature and how to repect it by tearing up a burrow? How is that being respectful?
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"Where Baby Bunnies Come From"

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