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It's not photoshop. This contest was put on by the Greenwich Observatory, and they're not fools. Two of my photos were shortlisted for the very same contest.

The way you do a shot like this is to set your camera to take non-stop exposures of about 10-25 seconds/piece. You then stack them on top of each other using a program called "Startrails".

It's easy to do, but time-consuming. The weather also has to cooperate (My camera nearly broke because of the humidity one night).

Not photoshop.

So stop calling "fake" like this was ebaumsworld.
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This article was actually uncharacteristically weak-sauce for Normally they're pretty good on the science issues, and indeed the author of this piece has written some good stuff for them in the past. But this article constantly confuses "unexplained" with "unexplainable", and human-combustion has been thoroughly explained by Joe Nickel.
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This Kook made it to Fox News? I don't know who to feel more embarrassed for!

Here's Labvin's thought process
1) "I found weird rocks!"
2) "Therefore, an alien space-craft flew between the meteor and earth, and saved us all"
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Hubble, the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, Griffith, the VLT and all the other land/space-based telescopes simply don't have the resolution to shoot so tiny a target on the moon. Telescopes just don't work like that. Yes, Hubble et. all are super-powerful (so they can shoot images millions of light years away), but the distance to the resolution is the equally-important function of a Telescope. It'd be like using a backyard telescope to look at bacteria across the street. The fact that it took the LRO's super-high definition cameras in lunar orbit to take these pictures is pretty revealing.
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Black squirrels are rare? It wasn't until I was 18 and moved away to college that I learned that there was even such a thing as a Grey squirrel. They're friggin EVERYWHERE around my place (central Ontario)
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Point if information here, but it has been reported that the swine flu has infected pigs at least in Alberta.

I strongly suspect that there are numerous other cases in Canada, US and Mexico, but are going unreported (much like how Mad Cow disease had been very prevalent in American beef, but had gone unreported until well after the fact, and after infected cattle had moved to Canada, which then infected Canadian beef. The media released this information immediately, and the Canadian Beef industry took a few years to recover.
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