7 Unexplained Acts of Nature

You've heard of spontaneous human combustion and you may have read about frogs raining from the sky, but have you ever heard of earthquake lights? Or star snot? How about the Naga Fireballs, glowing red eggs that shoot up from the bottom of the Mekong River in Vietnam? These weird phenomena have yet to be explained by science. Pictured is a blue jet and a red sprite, colorful unexplained lights that happen above thunderstorms for unknown reasons. Link -via Digg

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I agree that the article was pretty weak for a cracked article, but it was still a neat read. I specially thought the Naga Fireballs was pretty darn interesting.
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It is very nice to see that even in 2009, we still have enough phenomenons in the world that we live in that we still do not fully understand. :-)

...Okay, some of the unexplained things here are a bit on the edge of "unexplained" and "understandable" -like said human combustion, the upward discharges from clouds during storms, the light-phenomenons just before nad during earthquakes and the animal-rainfalls- Nothing fancy about them- only just not yet fully prooven down to the last drop, atom, inch.
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This article was actually uncharacteristically weak-sauce for Cracked.com. Normally they're pretty good on the science issues, and indeed the author of this piece has written some good stuff for them in the past. But this article constantly confuses "unexplained" with "unexplainable", and human-combustion has been thoroughly explained by Joe Nickel.
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