Frequent Shopping Leads to Longer Life

Shopaholics rejoice! Don't let my wife reads this, but turns out that shopping - frequent shopping no less - is good for your health!

Those who shopped daily were 27% less likely to die, with male daily shoppers 28% less likely to die, compared with female shoppers who were 23% less likely to die.

The authors acknowledge that shopping could be a surrogate for good health to begin with, but suggest that shopping itself may improve health, by ensuring a good supply of food, to maintain a healthy diet, for example.

Frequent shopping among the elderly may not always be about buying things, but about seeking companionship or taking exercise, which is easier to do than more formal exercise that usually requires motivation, they say.

So, let me spin it this way to you: Go shop at the NeatoShop and live longer! Yay! Link

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Let me relate; having recently dug up my Magic card collection and assessed their value, I got the bug to want to buy more cards. My girlfriend was out with her neice the other day and bought me a 15-pack of Magic cards. They were on the coffee table when I got home. Immediately I wanted to tear open the package and see the cards, which was an impulse I am wise enough to recognize and scrutinize. I abstained and spent some time examining this impulse. My girlfriend was still awake and I thanked her for the cards. I had little problem abstaining while she was up, but after she went to bed the desire to open them began gnawing at me. Several times I picked the package up and realized that I was impulsively behaving this way and not through a conscious act. The desire was in control and not my better judgement. It is important to me that desire does not control me this way. I was able to go a while without having the desire and decided it would be okay to check them out and finally did.

I don't play magic anymore, I just thought it would be neat to check out the newer cards and maybe collect them again for safe keeping. So all the excitement I was going to get was in the anticipation, opening and examining the cards for rares. Afterwards, they get filed in a box not to be seen for a long time. I knew if I gave into the desire it would have an addictive property that would leave me feeling a lacking after having opened the cards. Because I fought the desire, this feeling of loss and lacking never occurred.
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I'm not convinced that living longer is a good measure of a successul life. If you are ego-driven then you may live longer, but you might suffer or cause more suffering. I know for myself, as long as I don't buy anything new I'm stable. When I buy new things I am drawn to them, I like to keep them in my sight, I get potective of them, possessive. Again, I don't have this problem when I don't buy myself things, or when I buy things for other people. It is only stuff in my possession that causes this neurotic possessive obsession. It is especially true of anything with vibrant coloring.
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