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Am I the only one that's annoyed that they named them Rasberry Ants because of an exterminator whose last name is Rasberry? It makes it sound like they eat raspberries, not electronics. They should have named them silicon ants or something.
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I've had a few dreams where I've bought a house and then found out later that there was an entire hidden floor that was so large and with so many rooms that it was like finding a whole new hidden house.
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I loved the first one, thought the second one was just ridiculously stupid. Don't get me wrong, they're both unrealistic, but in different ways. For instance, in the first one, he deflects a rocket with a serving tray. This might be ridiculous, but it's cool. In the second one, he is being chased by several men with guns, but then they chase him into a room where a bunch of melee weapons are hanging on the wall. They all proceed to grab the weapons off the wall, and now none of them have guns. What the hell happened to the guns?
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Just read your post, John G... very well put. This is exactly how I feel about homosexuality. People don't "choose" to be homosexual, it's a disorder that should be treated, and some genes may predispose people to the disorder.
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This is an awful study. The last thing we need on product packaging is less information. There's never enough information. Try shopping for digital frames, for instance... you'll have no idea what you're getting by looking at the box.
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That DIA one is very clearly pushing an overwrought ecological message. C'mon... a forest burning (not a city), dead animals, dead Indians? "O NOES! They are killing animals and putting them in museums!" I thought it was going to be controversial because of how ridiculous it is, not because people thought it had hidden messages. And yeah, poor choice for a place where thousands of tourists arrive each day. As if airports weren't stressful enough without having to see depictions of calamity.
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