Trivia: Homosexuality was Diagnosed by the American Psychiatric Association as a Mental Illness Until 1973

Until 1973, the American Psychiatric Association defined homosexuality as a mental illness.

The APA listed homosexuality as a mental illness in their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-II), a guide book that list different categories of mental disorders and criteria for diagnosing them. In 1973, they removed homosexuality and replaced it with "sexual orientation disturbance."

The present DSM-IV also does not list homosexuality as a mental disorder, but still has "Sexual Disorder Not Otherwise Specified" as a diagnosis for someone with "...persistent and marked distress about sexual orientation." (Source:, Photo:

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Society is moving in a direction to destroy many of the ideas that keep us from commiting immoral acts. "Open" homosexuality leads to promiscuity, and thus leads to more and more mental problems. A married man who continues to have affairs will find his life spiral out of control. If we continue to expand our tolerance for sexual and other deviations from what we have always held to be moral and correct, we will find ourselves in a horrible place. Just like we have traffic laws for driving a car, we have always had laws to guide us in being moral. This does not mean you will never have someone that deviates; people take red lights sometimes in traffic, but we cannot change the laws so that people can take the red light anytime they feel the need to.
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Jon G. that was the most irresponsible, grotesque batch of redefining scientific terms to mask one's own fear and suit an agenda I've ever seen. Statistically, most molesters are straight. Most child abusers, period, are straight. This is documented fact. I think you are the one who needs therapy. Everyone fears things they different from themselves sometimes; most of us try to grasp some semblance of self awareness so that we can identify irrational fear from rational fear. Well, some of us do anyway.

Please get help.


A straight woman who will never reproduce (for the other more traditional troll in the thread).
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These days, science does actually play a large role in what should and shouldn't go into the DSM-IV. The DSM-IV, which was developed in 1994 is far more based on empirical research that was commissioned to find why certain things should go into the DSM.
Oh, and I remember you Terry, how is Xenu treating you?
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i'm gay and i'm very happy. i wouldnt change my orientation for all the world (if i could).

to those people who consistently ignore science and focus only on their religious beliefs, i can prove homosexuality is genetic--there are gay animals! please tell me how animals can be raised in such a way that could turn them gay. did that mother ewe clothe her baby ram in a dress? gimme a break! also by saying this, you imply that you can turn gay. John G, are you saying that you can turn yourself into a homosexual? grow up and focus on the REAL problems in this world!!
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So, a person's sexual orientation is a psychological condition if it causes them distress. By the same reasoning, homophobia is most obviously also a psychological condition as someone else's sexual orientation causes the patient distress.
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