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What an amazing coincidence that this was posted a mere 6 days after Joel Watson posted a nearly identical idea/picture on Hijinks Ensue.

For what it's worth, I think this version looks better though.
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"How about a lizard that evolved a new digestive system to adapt to a new diet? Does that count as a new species? n.html

Evolution is a *scientific* theory AND a fact."

Final sentence in the article:

"All of this might be evolution," Hendry said. "The logical next step would be to confirm the genetic basis for these changes."

The scientist involved was not even willing to claim it was evolution. However, your faith in evolution has allowed you to boldly claim that which the actual scientist wouldn't. Care to find a followup where Hendry was willing to say that it is in fact evolution that caused this? If it turns out that Hendry ever did conclude that is was evolution, are you willing to admit that evolution only needs several decades to work, and not several million years? Because you can't have it both ways... either it does or doesn't require millions of years.

The truth is that this is once again just natural selection, not evolution.
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"The lyrics appear to have been compiled from a number of different sources, including the Bible, where the quote 'God save the King' appears no fewer than three times."

When they said "the Bible", I believe they meant "The King James translation of the Bible". That phrase doesn't actually appear in "the Bible". The more literal translation would be "Let the king live!" or "Long live the king!" I assume that the saying "God save the king" was already in use when the KJV was written, which would explain the somewhat liberal translation of the passage.
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55% of Americans don't believe in God? That number is way too high. This poll is obviously highly skewed, so it's basically worthless (not that it wouldn't be mostly worthless even if it was accurate).
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I like how Frances Griffith admitted it was all a hoax, except for the one picture that had real fairies in it. They're clearly more cutouts, only shot at a long exposure and then removed partway through. Bravo to her for trying to keep the mystery alive, though.
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Hasn't this discussion taken place many times before on this site? There is nothing missing from the Biblical account. Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters. The wives had to be their sisters. The Biblical account doesn't "need" evolution. Saying the evolution theory doesn't require God is ignoring the fact that all this matter had to come from somewhere. Or did it just exist all along somehow? Saying it came from atoms doesn't work either, because those had to come from somewhere as well.
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It's not an urban legend. As the article states, he was a relatively unknown actor. He was a carpenter. He also was not cast as Han Solo until he convinced Lucas to let him have the role. He originally was just a script reader on the film.
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"Snakes are the reason we’re not eye deep in rats and mice, be thankful."

Yeah, Ireland is totally overrun with rats and mice. That's why it's called the "Brown Isle", on account of all the mice and rats. You can't even see the ground.

You're probably one of those people that think if it weren't for the two spiders living in your yard, you would be suffocated by mosquitoes. Like they're some sort of super pest control.
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