Do You Believe in God?

It's by no means scientific, but the poll at is trying to illuminate how belief in God differs around the world: Link - via Cliff Pickover's Reality Carnival

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I'm fairly sure the answer is No. Here's why.

God didn't make light, the sun did during a big bang
God didn't make life, it was made when lightning hit the sea and sent energy to it
God didn't make our personality, we did
God didn't make the world, if he did there would be no natural disasters

Our lives are good enough, but if there was God, our lives would be much better.
If there was a God, I would probably be dead by now because of what I think of God.

This isn't meant to offend religious people, it's just to say why I do not believe in God
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If you look at the demographics, it's just fucking hilarious... the more developed a region is, the less they have their faith.
Hate to break it to you, folks, but there's no God. No afterlife. Nothing. Live this life to the fullest, because it's the only thing we have.
Isn't this enough? You're alive. Appreciate it.
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if I had the slightest doubth about Allah's existance I would kill myself right away. For I would choose to be soil than to be a mindless animal.
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"Do You Believe in God?"

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