This is it: Evolution and Creationism Combined Into a Coherent Model

Illustration: Tom Weller

The Evolutionist Model holds that man descended from apes, but it doesn't explain "the tremendous expansion of intellect and other intangibles that characterize humanity." The Creationist Model explains human intelligence as being bestowed by God, but a major weakness in that model fails to account for the origin of Adam and Eve's daughters-in-law.

So, in effort to bridge the gap between Evolution and Creationism, Tom Weller describes a compromise theory of sorts in his 1986 Hugo Award-winning book Science Made Stupid: Behold the new synthesis of Evolution/Creationism that not only lead to the resolution of major problems in the original models, but also "meet the statutory and regulatory requirements of all U.S. state, county, and municipal school boards and districts for works dealign with the origins of man and is warranted to be suitable for use as a teaching tool ..."

Read more about Tom Weller's Science Made Stupid (a fascinating tongue-in-cheek work, believe you me!) here: Link

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Attention Morons: The Babble makes no mention of sisters, by name OR indirect reference, and no one's buying that this allegedly perfect god would have leave out such a critical point. Three people on earth: parents and a son. Cain either boinked his mother or the whole thing is a crock. Even *if* Cain boinked his mother the whole thing's still a crock. There is no god, morons. Stop being the weak-willed, gullible, cowardly, sheepish wanks that you are. Your clinical delusion can be cured.
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I think you totally misunderstand what science is really about. A scientist makes observations to gather facts and then proposes a theory (e.g. the thoery of relativity or the evolution) to fit the facts. If the theory is a good theory it will fit all the facts and enable us to make useful predictions.
As more facts come to light the theory may change. This happens often in science - for example Netwon proposed a theory about planetary mechaincs that fitted the facts known at that time and worked very well for a few hundred years in predicting the movements of the moon, planets, comets, etc. But more accurate measurement revealed (amongst other things) an anomoly on the orbit of Mecury. This could not be explained by Netwon's theories and it wasn't until Einstein came up with the general theory of relativity that the anomoly was explained.
And that's the key difference between your faith based aproach and science. The prevailing scientific wisdom CAN change - new facts and discoveries come to light and new theories have to be postulated to explian them. That's why a scientist will say "I'm 99% sure of...". some new information may come to light to take out the theory. Whereas the faith based person simply has to say "Despite a total lack of evidence I believe this is true. I know I'm 100% right."
Faith based people are fond of pointing out some area where science has been wrong (e.g. your point about cigarette smoking doctors) and claim it as some sort of proof that science is therefore flawed. No, it's constantly adapting. Faith based people seem less kjeen to have the massive mistakes of religeon pointed out to them - remember when the so called christain church started witch hunts and burned millions of innocent women to death at the stake? How about the Church's steady insistence that the earth ws the centre of all and the sun went round the earth?
Not to be too picky on Abrahamic relegions, have you heard about the time when many believed that a God caused lighting and thunder? Some even had a name for that God - Thor. Well, not too many Thor worshipper's about these days...
If you have a scientific theory that the biological diversity on this world was the product of a master designer or creator that's fine. Just put forward your EVIDENCE. Evidence, by the way, is something more than "I can't think of another cause so I'm going to introduce an omnipotent, magical being who did it all."
The world is a wonderous beautiful place - at least to us - but it's not evidence of the existence of an omnipotent, magical being. Lightning is also wonderful and beautiful but nowadays we know it is caused by natural forces not Thor. And the world is also full of horrors and suffering. We have wars, diseases, plagues, hunger, death, destruction - are these the results you'd expect from an omnipotent, omni-present mystical being? Seem to me more like the results from an office temp with bad attitude.
And how well does your design/creationism fit the facts? Why would a god who created us bother to go to the trouble of leaving all these fossils scattered about the place? Just to fool us?
But you can believe in whatever you want - the easter bunny, the tooth fairy, Yahweh, whatever... Just don't expect the rest of us to stop trying to understand the world and propose evidence based theories that help us make sense of the universe and let us make useful predictions.
As for your crack about "science being mankind's foolishness"... I take it that you live in a cave or mud hut, dress only in furs or things you find lying about and have never visited a hospital or seen a doctor? Sure thing.... every facit of your modern lifestyle and comfortable existence owes a debt of gratitude to science. If scientists and other free thinkers in centuries past had listened to the church we'd all still be living in squalor and ignorance.
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"science is man’s foolishness and I am 100% certain that God created my kind so I am .00001% ahead of you Thomas!"

So God didn't create everybody? Now I'm confused. You wouldn't think a power-mad deity like that would allow the rest of us to evolve if he was creating his own competing product. But I guess 4000 years ago there was no patent office to complain to.
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Thomas...... just because you try to state 99.9999 certainty in evolution DOES NOT make it so...... AM I the only one to know that a THEORY is nothing more than a GUESS BY A MAN..... In all it's brilliance, not to mention billions of dollars in grants(mostly by christian citizens) science has proven nothing of evolution to be true, but it's believers insist this much be teached to all in public schools(again mostly supported in n.america by christian tax dollars) as though it is fact ! It takes as much faith to be either a believer in God's creative measures, or the unproven evolution guess.
With that said, the fact that evolution needs "Faith" in a missing link makes it as much a religious cult as any "Church" and therefor has no place to be taught as fact!
Science and it's doctors smoked cigarettes in the 70's, in their office with pregnant mother's to be with less rates of asthma... today with all the new chemicals in our world created by the genius of science, all is going backwards for the human species..... science is man's foolishness and I am 100% certain that God created my kind so I am .00001% ahead of you Thomas!
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