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it helps to have the luxury or spending six hours a day six days a week on something else besides working. he's also neglecting the fact that all the people mentioned in Gladwell's book had an aptitude for and interest in the fields that they mastered. the Beatles and Bill Gates didn't just randomly decide to do what they did. they each had a consuming desire to pursue their interest and enjoyment. for me that book just underlined the fact that a person could have all the talent in the world but without constant effort, without constant exercise of and thought about the particular field they might naturally excel at, their talent is wasted, pointless. so someone without an aptitude or interest in golf is playing against a stacked deck.

doesn't this book also talk about the time of year you're born and how old you are when you start kindergarten having an effect. i.e. a November baby will be farther behind developmentally and thus a little slower on the uptake than hir peers who are just a few crucial months older.and how that affect is cumulative. or is that from his other book which i read beck to back with this one?
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when i was younger i taught art to kids. one of my favorite students was a freckle faced, chubby little nine year old girl. one day we were al drawing and she asked for help. i said ok what do you want to draw and she said "i want to draw a teddy bear" again ok "...but i want him to be a vampire teddy bear and i want him to be drinking pig's blood because that's what they do."

we drew what she wanted to draw.
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the Hasidim in south Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, still use these. every building with Hasidic tenants there has these really intense iron bars on all the windows and there's always a wrought iron version of a baby cage in at least one window. and yes toys do fall through, and sometimes toys are forcibly thrown at shiksa outsiders.
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i used to work for a clothing designer. this place was on our "do not shop here" list and i yet went there regularly. so weird to read this!! sad to see how the city is neglecting the Garment District considering how many millions of dollars in tax revenue alone it brings in each year.

p.s. the world of NYC wholesalers if one freaky place. being largely family run businesses, imagine the kind of compound and generational genetic and social drift that can occur when people are locked up for years with stacks of dusty accoutrement and pushy, mostly clueless and often cheap customers. it's a game with some of them to try and trip you up as someone not "in the trade."

like a small piece of what new york used to be like. old, weird buildings and old weird people, kind of sketchy and intimidating.
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thank you Bishop64, that's the first thing i thought of: Michael Bernard Loggins. here's a link to his book from Creativity Explored, a San Francisco source for amazing art:http://store.creativityexplored.org/feofyoli.html

anyone reading this far down should check out their website for other equally awesome art.
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it sounded more like an interview or an audience Q and A. from the voice and what i could hear it sounded like the actor Steve Karel (sp?) since he was talking about the american version of the Office vs the British version and the announcement of an upcoming Candian version. i had other audio going so only caught the last bit but that was definitely what was going on. i looked all over the page to try and pause or disable it but never found anything active that looked like the culprit. it played through once and stopped. it had weird swoops and pauses like someone hitting the stop button on a tape recorder during play back.
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correction and correction. encaustic is one of the oldest forms of paint. encaustic actually refers to beeswax (and sometimes damar varnish or even linseed oil) and pigment mixed together. it makes an incredibly long lasting and light-fast (fade-proof) paint. the Faiyum funerary portraits of ancient Egypt, painted during the Roman occupation, are still vibrantly colored to this day. the wax is heated and pigment is mixed in and the resulting paint is applied with special metal brushes or spatulas. encaustic is now sold in readily available commercially made blocks. it smells great from the beeswax and damar.
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these images have been making the rounds the last couple of days. when i was younger a friend had a book with photos of WWI soldiers with face prostheses and before and after shots of the cavities blown in their faces by shrapnel etc. at that time i was fascinated by the gore. now, maybe because i'm older and have tasted enough of my own mortality, or because i'm just more sensitive i find these profoundly disturbing. i can't help but seeing past the injuries to the fact that most of these guys were handsome young men who probably had sweethearts and mothers waiting for them only to return so difigured. the idea of all that collective pain gives me goosebumps.
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i remember learning in school that the air turnover rate for the San Jouaquin Valley was something along the lines of every 300 years. meaning it takes that long for the air in the valley to be replaced so it's a scary thought. i grew up there and although my NYC allergies are pretty effed up i can barely breathe when i visit my family there. all the factors mentioned above by others lead to a pretty lethal combo. the cities mentioned here are all also relatively small and far apart. Fresno, the largest, has a population of less than 500,000 and Visalia less than 120,000. these cities are also fairly spread out with lots of green space within city limits. it's the agricultural production that causes the high particle and ozone counts combined with the inversion layer and low air turnover rate.
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Diary of Anne Frank anyone? that book traumatized me to no end as well as stirring my nascent sense of injustice and fully illustrating right from wrong and the presence of evil in daily life. i was so outraged and moved by that book as a child.
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what they fail to mention in the article is that the power supply will likely fill the rest of the plane and that it will have a limited firing capacity since firing the laser will completely drain the power supply and leave behind a butt-load of toxic residue.
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