RatCar is a Car Operated by a Rat's Brain

Researchers at the University of Tokyo created an interface that allows a rat to move a small car around with just his thoughts:

The rats were trained on the car by towing it around an enclosed area with the motors disengaged. A vision system positioned above tracked the rats by following colored markers on their backs and the vehicle. It fed the positions into a "locomotion estimation model" program that correlated the motion of the animals with readings from the electrodes.

Next the rats were suspended more tightly to the car so their limbs touched the floor only slightly. The researchers then switched the system into "neuro-robotic mode," with the neural signals used to help drive the car. Six out of eight rats used in the study adapted well to the car.

The researchers hope that this project will lead to the development of thought-controlled mobility aids for disabled humans.

Link via Popular Science | Photo: IEEE Spectrum

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Error94>Previous medical tests that got "penicillin, insulin, chemotherapy or a heart bypass" etc are done. There is nothing that can be changed about the tests of the past. But there is something that can be done with future testing. You would think with such advanced science, society would fund ways into researching new methods then just throwing money at old testing schemes. How long have we been looking for a cure for Cancer?
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accepting the fact does not mean that i need to see it pop up unexpectedly. i would prefer to be given the choice to see it or not - perhaps i would like to "fully face the truth..." a little later on - not sandwiched in between a video of 'Adorable Bunny Rabbits in Paper Cups' and a post about 'Light-Sensitive Musical Instrument is Played by Moving Your Fingertips'.
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I am hoping no one in the "animal testing of any kind is disgusting" crowd never needs or has taken penicillin, insulin, chemotherapy or a heart bypass. Without animal testing, none of these would have come to be.

I believe that we should be good stewards of the world, including its wildlife. There is indeed no excuse for animal testing for cosmetics and other trivial things. I also understand that computer modeling and analysis can (and has) replace much of this testing. But in no way can I argue that a rat's life is equal to a human's, and if this kind of testing will one day allow an amputee to easily ambulate then I am not one to sit in judgement.

And hiding your head in the sand is no answer either. If you can't face the fact that your medicines and foods are the result of the sacrifices of animals, then you deserve neither.

Seeing this picture saddens me. I have had many pet rats. They are intelligent and affectionate, and I have grown very fond of them. But to not accept and fully face the truth of the necessity of some animal testing is just weak and cowardly.
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Disgusting. Animal testing of any kind is disgusting. You would think in such an "advanced" world, we would have other methods of learning and experimenting.

It's disgusting that it's treated so light-heartedly, as seen in Neatorama putting up such a post. Shame.
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It's not the rat, it's us.

If you dislike putting a worm on a hook, it does not matter that the worm may not feel pain like you and I, it is that we can live with ourselves with the appearance of pain caused by ourselves.

I am no high-horser, I go to a sushi restaurant and order soft shell crab, and seeing the crab plucked out of the tank.

I just hope I don't get to a point where I don't feel bad about it.
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