A Little Help: Hunt for Rogue Ad on Neatorama

We noticed a few comments complaining about ads with sound on Neatorama. We'd like to apologize for that and we want you to know that it's not cool - we don't purposely run ads with self-playing audio on the blog

Unfortunately, it's kind of hard to find that one rogue ad (I haven't run across it myself), so we need your help: please let us know which ad is the culprit - and if you could, please include the result of this cookie dump, so we can really track down and ban the bugger: http://ad.yieldmanager.com/cookie (you can email both to alex AT neatorama DOT com, if you don't want to put that in the comment)

Thank you!

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@Kalel - that's weird! I'd appreciate a screenshot of that the next time it happens (hopefully it will never happen again, but that may be wishful thinking).

Right now, we've turned off most of the banner ads on the blog while we track down the culprit. Thank you everyone for your patience and please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.
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Occasionally I get an effect here where Neatorama, or one of the pages, will start to load, then suddenly switch to Google, with a note like, "Can't find..." and then an long link of somekind. So I'm being taken from the website altogether.

Will cut-and-paste that URL for you next time it happens.
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The NoScript Firefox add-on (free, of course) will stop all of this nonsense. I don't see any ads on any web page that I don't put on a whitelist. NoScript is transparent and stops all sorts of nastiness.

I am in no way affiliated with NoScript or its creators. It is just a darned good little app.

I'm just sayin'
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