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Not dead yet. Plan on working on that in the future. Flying off to Africa to hang with cute dutch girls, drink copiously, and drop computers off at high schools. If you've got any old trash yet functional computers you want to donate to kids in Africa, let me know. I'll be seeing them next month. Here is the link from last year when we bought a preschool:
Email is zavpublic(spamblock) at Remove the spamblock. The chilluns thank you, as do I. Best wishes to those who are being hit with the downturn. Fingers are crossed for ya.
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It's easier for a public figure that's attractive and female to be gay, because, uhh, camon. Do I have to spell it out? And Binky. Racism is different from "sexual-orientationism". Race has nothing to do with if you're straight or not. At least time I checked. Also, Binky, Brent seems to be mentioning that he's tired of seeing people being mentioned with their orientation (NSEW) as the most important characteristic of the person. Nothing offensive or racist or sexist about his post. I lived in San Francisco for 14 years, I am qualified to judge. Even have a badge and a tiny little gavel.
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Just remember that frog marriages lead to frog divorces. And this leads to more work for frog/child divorce lawyers. We must fight to prevent frog/child marriages.
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