Sheep Entrails Dressed as Snake

Kyrgyzstan is back in the news this week, as ethnic tensions have erupted into sectarian violence between the Kyrgyz and the Uzbeks.  For those interested in world geopolitics, Salon published an excellent article several months ago.
The peril for America is compounded by one simple fact: While Washington backed Kyrgyzstan’s now-deposed dictator, Russia -- American’s chief rival in the region -- supported the triumphant forces of change. The fallout, in the months and years to come, could be considerable.

When small countries make the headlines, the media focus tightly on events of the day. But there is always a back story. This article provides that story, based on two decades of my conversations with leaders and ordinary people in Kyrgyzstan.

However, most visitors come to Neatorama to escape from world crises; for them, the article offers the morsel pictured at the top:  sheep entrails dressed as a snake.  It is a elaborately constructed and visually stunning concoction that would put the Scottish haggis to shame.  I have been unable to find a recipe or instructions for this particular Kyrgyz feast item, but did discover that in some areas of Central Asia the common cold is treated by bathing in a tub of hot water and sheep entrails.  And perhaps after bathing with them, one can divine one's future by pondering the entrails before consuming them - a remarkably versatile food item.  Photo credit Eugene Huskey.

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Meat is good and good for you. People do not eat enough offal in this day and age. If you really want to make the best of the animal, you use every bit you can. I have never had this dish, but haggis is no less offensive than any other part of the animal that is normally eaten.

That said, we are omnivores, and we are meant to eat a balanced diet that includes meat and veg. PETA, an organization with no respect for humanity and no understanding of animals, is little more than a hypocritical organization that supports domestic terrorism.
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I love my meat and nom some every day.
Those entrails are a bit weird though. Creative sure, but intestines just doesn't sound very appetizing.
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I think it's adorable. I'd never eat it, but it's weirdly cute.

As someone who's worked in all aspects of the meat industry besides packing, organic grass-fed cows live better lives than most people. Even sheep and lambs live pretty freaking lush lives for the most part. Non-grass fed cows live some bizarre and mediocre lives, but for the most part they're treated alright and are fairly healthy. Their meat isn't exactly good for you though, and they'd die because of their diet if they weren't slaughtered at the age they are.

The US is starting to adopt EU standards for hog farming (i.e. only X pigs per square yard, MUST have mental stimulation toys accessible, grated floors can absolutely not be able to allow hooves of any size through, must be hosed down every day), and pigs grow up to 50% less/week if they're stressed, so even if for purely monetary reasons, it's in everyone's best interest to treat them well.

Veal calves are still treated crap. Chickens are treated the worst of all. Turkeys aren't much better from what I hear, but I've never actually been to a turkey farm so I don't know what normal conditions for them are like.

Long story short: PETA is full of crap. Small family farms generally treat their meat animals the best. Generally. Humans are made to eat other animals as a minor but important part of our diet. I don't eat meat except for once or twice every other month. Americans eat way too much meat for the most part.

And that snake is still cute.
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As a vegetarian, let me just tell you that animals are delicious, we are omnivorous ANIMALS, and animals eat other animals (I just think Americans eat too many).

That said, I'm sure this dish is absolutely revolting, but I see nothing particularly offensive about dressing up a dish one is about to consume anyhow.
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