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I love "pot calling the kettle black" and "don't cry over spilled milk". Sometimes you have to channel your grandfather to make sense of these little bits of American vernacular phraseologistic-ology.
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God did this? Praises, evolution is a response to change. Small changes over time + chemistry, can lead to amazing complex structures, given a few billion years. I love your catch all "God made this". Well, great. Prove it. You comment is nothing but supposition. We don't need massive experiments to indicate that evolution happens. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics IS evolution. You also state that your god is good. Define good. You've said a blanket statement that proves nothing. I'll be amazed if you can do it. And spend some time reading the Old Testament. In it, God is spiteful vengeful, jealous and inspires people out of fear. If that's your reasoning style and your God, then we really ought to be able to do better on our own. In the immortal words of George Carlin, "Results like these do not belong on the resume of a supreme being."

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"with photo of a guys’ newly constructed … and hairy bellybutton - you’ve been warned"

Guys' means more than one guy and the next word belongs to them. YOu must mean guy's, not guys'.
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It's not the first. It's Solar III. Which would be the uhhh, third. You can check wikipedia for more info on it. It's the extension of the solar furnace work done at Sandia labs.
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