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The good thing about this photo is that dogs can't be psychologically scarred for life. I can only imagine the same lady dressing her 3 year old up with the same kinds of outfits and then sending him off to elementary school.
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So many smart people here.What amazes me is that I think only one person here has said "what if??????????" Lot of posturing here but has anyone here done this before? I imagine 75 percent of people here are cube dwellers and armchair physicist.I always look at the "what ifs" I guess working in infosec field makes me overly paranoid.
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The price of gasoline in the United States is ridiculously cheap, compared to the rest of the world. Although, the ignorance of most of the people of the United States would have you think otherwise.
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"He didn’t find a single person still alive—everyone in the huts was dead. The man threw down his bicycle and ran all the way back to Wum."

That's real smart... Something real bad happened. Must flee. Hmmm, discard means of fast transportation and run away on foot. Sounds like a plan!
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"no such thing as an innocent person"

Non sequitor. Go away.

"I’m sure it would madden many to see his name and picture with the 32 others, but I do agree that Cho was also a victim."

This memorial isn't for a murderer, it is for the victims of HIS crimes.
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That picture shows shelves in the bottle which would preclude it from being used as a coffin. Obviously a made up story that shows how gullible people are.
As for Mari from Japan, you really need to calm down before publishing all of your personal information on a public blog, especially one that is talking about a bogus product. Why don't you just start sending your money to Nigeria right now.
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this list is wrong.. all wrong.

you missed out sealand

the knights hospitaller

and Bassas Da india
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