The CERN black hole

Is this really what will happen when the physicists at CERN finally start smashing particles in the Large Hadron Collider this fall? If so, at least we're all in it together. Black holes don't discriminate. [YouTube]

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This video doesn't take Hawking Radiation into account, among many other things...A black hole with the mass of an atom would exist for about 5x10^-97 seconds before it evaporated. I don't know that it could gather enough mass from the Earth to stay alive long enough to kill us all, imagine how tiny the event horizon of the Black Hole would be, it definitely couldn't eat up matter at that sort of rate. I'd have to run the math, but the chance of a black hole being created is basically impossible and the chances of a black hole eating anything IS impossible, as far as I can tell.
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Well, I really don't know if the world will end this way or not What about the sun exploding in 100 years?

It's an educational video though. It's important to open our eyes up sometimes if nothing else, even if it's only a possibility. I always thought that the black hole was out in space someplace, and they've said we're too far from it anyways for this to happen
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There was opinion offered that the first fission and fusion explosions would ignite the entire atmosphere of the planet and kill all our grandpas and grandmas. Evidently, grams and gramps survived.
We could shut down CERN and go live in it, like a cave....
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okay thats bullshit... first of all thats not what would happen. our fucking planet wouldnt open from the top. it will break peices of the planet andand the black hole will suck it all up to nothing. and you dont have to worry because when they do this experiment in december 2008 it will be fine... there not gonna do a project that could possabliy destroy human race. fuck nutss. there is way more energy in this world then that fucking experiment to do something called the black hole... and even if it did the black hole will only stay for a billionth of a billionth of a second so dont be scared of this experipment.
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