Tribute to the Virginia Tech Victims.

CNN has a touching tribute to all 32 victims of the Virginia Tech Massacre:

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This is how I see it: I feel worse for Cho b/c he lived his entire life in isolation, due to his severe mental illness. At least the people he killed had friends, loving families and made actual human connections during their short lives. He experienced nothing but pain and anguish. It's not an excuse for what he did (and I think the school officials should be held accountable for not securing the campus after the first two people were killed) but what is the harm in having compassion for a person like him?
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I'm not telling what you can or can't say. If you want to say up is down and yes is no, be my guest.

I could keep saying it, but what's the point? Like I said, I'm not going to try and teach you manners. Or compassion. Hopefully, that will come as you get older, and maybe as you come to terms with your own personal grief.

Take care, Britt.
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You can’t call that fellow a victim of the massacre.

I can and I have. I still think he's a jerk, but I'm looking at the bigger picture. He's dead, too.

Hell, how many other people died that day? I'm absolutely far away and unaffected by this incident. If that makes me callous, so be it, but I honestly haven't the willpower to mourn every person to ever die in the United States. Ever. Unlike you. You're special.
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during the week in which this tragedy occurred, FEMA disposed of 13 million MRE's (meals ready to eat) that were originally set aside for hurricane katrina victims. they said they no longer had warehouse space for them. to me, knowing that our government is capable of doing something that callously stupid rivals or even surpasses the significance of the shooting tragedy. the media certainly knows where the money comes from.
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It's completely true. 32 victims of the massacre. You can't call that fellow a victim of the massacre.

Let's compare murders. How about the hijackers of the planes that hit the World Trade Center? They also died in that attack. Are they thus victims of the attack? Perhaps they're victims of something else - brainwashing, peer pressure, insecurity - but surely not victims of the attack. But they had families who mourned them. Surely, we ought to mourn their loss, as well.

Jeffrey Dahmer killed and ate several young men - obviously a messed-up guy. He was killed in prison. Does that make him a victim of the crime of cannibalism?

My opinion is "No, they are not victims of their own crimes".

I'm not telling you how to feel. You can feel sympathy for a murderer, if you like. You can say, "These lives don't matter because this happens all the time in the USA," or "just because they died doesn't make them better than anyone else."

To me, that's disrespectful. I'm not elevating them into saints or lowering him to the status of a devil. I just think it's sad that someone can say such callous things when people are grieving. And that's my opinion.

Anyways, I'm done with this topic. It's not my job to teach you folks manners.
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