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Now this is stupid. I can understand small dogs...well kinda, but tiny pigs??? REALLY?? Someone spent allot of time and effort into breeding this small pig but someday they are gonna mess up and there will be some weird animals walking around. There is no reason for a small pig. No practicality what so ever.
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Well the stories are pretty crazy. I would agree that is probalbly not the best place to get factual information. I would like to see some documentation before I would belive it. But then again who cares if it is true or not. Cool stories either way...i mean a drunk moose?
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These would be awesome at a dnace party. Put that stuff in a bubble machine or even better a foam machine at your local dance hall and you have one crazy blacklight party.
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This guy is definatly good at getting people to talk about the things that they dont wanna talk about. He kept on explaining the same thing no matter what the person on the other end said. I like the spider one too.
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Neat stuff. That is some real talent in order to first think this kinda stuff up but to actually make it is ...well amazing. Willy Chyr's website and work is really pretty neat but the cool thing about Jason's work is that he puts people into his creations.
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Thanks for everything Neatorama. Your mystery sales and interesting post are a sliver of imagination and coll stuff in the dark world of the boring internet. Truley a godsend to anyone who is truley bored at work.
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It probably did not get popular in the US because the second that you did it the police would be all over you. And it does not look all that fun other than the sheer number of people.
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It would be a terrible thing to lose your face or even lose the use of the face. You portray so many different emotions and commands with your face. Its good that someone helped her.
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