Neatorama Update - October 2009

Cake Wrecks Book

A couple of weeks ago, we featured Jen Yates' new book Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong, and promised to send a free book to a Neatoramanaut whose question got answered by Jen. Here's her pick (and answer):

From Avid Cake Wreck Reader Rebecca: "I read on your site that you had taken cake decorating classes with your husband. I wondered if you ever posted one of your cakes as a wreck?"

And the answer is: Yes! You'd have to check the comment section to know this, but the infamous Epcot (aka Spaceship Earth) cake was made by me and John. That's part of why it was so funny when so many commenters told me I was wrong to call it a Spaceship Earth cake. Yep, we got a *huge* kick out of that - and still do when readers make a "I think that's Epcot" crack on a new post. Heh.

Thank you Jen and congratulations, Rebecca! See more at Jen's blog Cake Wrecks

Neatorama Mystery Sale

It's done! After two solid weeks of shipping, all shipments finally went out. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Mystery Sale!

If you haven't gotten yours yet, please be patient: it may be in the last batch, which means that you should get it either by next week or early the following week (USA) or add a week for customs clearance for international destinations.

New at the Neatorama Shop

M-Cups, the measuring cups shaped like matryoshkas or Russian nesting dolls are HOT - we've sold out of the current batch and are waiting for our next shipment ... if you order them today, we'll add a little extra "mystery" bonus to your order. ;)

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Geekazoid - I've been thinking the same thing about the queue. I have basically lost all faith in the queue between irregular voting patterns of voters, large amount of garbage and duplicate posts, and the number of posts that get added to the blog by the regular contributors weeks after being voted down in the queue.

That's not a knock at Alex or the other contributors, the queue is a difficult feature to manage effectively.
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So I have just received my inflatable turkey that I paid over $20 for....BUT IT HAS A WHOLE IN IT!

I'd send it back but don't see the point in paying what ever it costs to send it back to USA.
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Got the inflatable turkey two weeks ago. My husband and I inflated it and then kind of looked at each other with a "Now what?" expression. That's when I decided to start the turkey war by placing the inflated turkey underneath the covers of my sister's bed.

The turkey has now made appearances in the shower, clothes dryer, bicycle basket and fridge. I'm afraid of where it may be right now.

This is my first mystery sale and I thought it was fun. Trust me when I say that I've spent $10 on worse things so I'm not bothered it wasn't something that I normally wouldn't purchase. I do agree that it would be nice if there were a variety of silly things rather than just one set prize per sale.
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Seriously, this was my last mystery sale--WTH! How does the inflatable turkey cost $9.95 and how do I explain the fact that I bought THAT to my husband????
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Aside from the fact that reading these comments defeated the mystery of the sale. I must say that Neatorama has given me hours of entertainment, and hours of thought provoking articles. Participating in this sale is akin to donating to your local public radio except I didn't get a tote bag or a mug, I got an inflatable turkey. I have found a home for my inflatable turkey. I'm giving to a coworkers son.
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