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I recognized the design from James Hance as well. I think he does excellent renditions of different types of styles in his mashups. The original art is worth taking a look at in his website. Really fun stuff! : )
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What is the ratio of male and female births these days though? It feels more like speculation than research as well just touching on gender ideals.

What a child is born with should not effect a marriage, the couple in the marriage effects the marriage. The rest is just coincidence. Those children shouldn't have to feel like being born differently would have made a difference. On the flip side, saying a baby would keep a marriage together is just as silly of a point. Marriage and parenting are different roles usually fulfilled at the same time but not always. The adults and not the children should really be factors in that equation. Ideally the children should be taken care of regardless...but that's ideally.

Anyway, we're about to have our third baby girl. The kids are well rounded. Play ball, know how to defend themselves, love dinosaur museums, football, and even all the stereotypical girl stuff. I'm the mom and it's funny but their dad is more interested in some of the stuff I'm not to excited about. Getting them pretty clothes, getting pictures taken, getting them pink stuff, ha ha. Anyway what they are interested in, I can manage to get interested in too. It's nice to do something out of what you are usually used to. It's like you don't have to force yourself to love those things but rather support the people you love while doing it, there wouldn't be such a gender divide in the home. You can find a balance in any situation.
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This is just a little funny observation I saw growing up. This is what they call on the westside...dropping your kids at the library because you don't want to pay for daycare and leaving them. I used to see that all the time. The librarian in the kids section would feel so bad so she would bring in juice boxes and fruit snacks.

I used to hover while my daughter was one and two years old on the playground. She loved leaping and jumping with no fear. Most of it was teaching her how to get on and off, how to jump off without hurting herself. Then after that, I just kind of sit back and wait. When the kids get really into playing, they never notice you are there anyway. I think once the few times you set good habits for them playing on the playground at the start, it really helps for just letting them play on their own.

My three year old daughter holds my hand to cross the street. I supervise when she's playing with her friends in their yard. But she gets a good amount of free play, time to roam free where she wants. Just not without me in an earshot. She can roam freely without supervision once she's got all the skills in order to be independent. Just not now and not for a while. It just doesn't make sense to think it's suffocating to not be good company while children are at play or exploring. Besides, I enjoy playing with her at the park as much as she does. I like traveling in unexplored areas of the forest. When she grows tired of me and hangs out with her friend, I'm sure I'm the only one that's going to be upset about letting her go, ha ha!

In the end, it's everyone's personal preference. It's the parents decision of what KIND of personal responsibility they want to take with their child. Each child is different so if it's worked and there has been no incidents, then that's cool. If there is, then you have my sympathies, absolutely. I feel horrible when anything happens to families like that. You just want...everyone to be ok...It's a hard balance to find, you know, with what works best. But what works is what works, right?
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I just celebrated my birthday on the 22nd so this was really nice to come across! Johnny Cat, I got neatorama and yahoo too. I thought that was cool. I just think for someone who takes the time to put out something like that, I wanted take the time to really appreciate it. I didn't mind the wait.

I remembered when going to the movies was an occasion. Raiders of the Lost Ark was a favorite movie of mine but I saw it when I was older and it was on HBO. I do remember cheesy 3D effects in my childhood but it was in books and those prizes out of cereal boxes. I have never heard of Nobel House. Maybe I'll get it from the library...which now you can electronically get it delivered to your house. No fancy book stores then with multimedia or coffee shops inside.

Saturday morning cartoons were still a "get up in your pajamas with a bowl of cereal" kind of morning. I also remember those brownish cable boxes that were attached to a cable with a slider that changed the channels.

One year away from 30 and I can say I really enjoyed looking back at those events with a different appreciation than when I was a little kid. :)
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Facepalm! My husband rolls his eyes at me all the time. It's a sign of affection. Or maybe he appreciates my genius...I guarantee he's reading this rolling his eyes right now! http://epcdn.net/ups/d60/m0lusfsnfq.jpg
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That's a nice story, thanks for posting this! The kids across the street from my parents are like that too. It's so comforting to see such shows of compassion. That cat is adorable! I had a black and white tuxedo cat with big ears. He was named Batman.
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Ha ha! That's hilarious! This sounds like my spouse and how he finagled debt payments. Funny part is I think he is telling the truth the majority of the time. Thank you for this.
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But how do they "officially" diagnose it as depression with infants and toddlers? All ages of people living in close quarters either experience emotional empathy or apathy, depends. But it is too quick to diagnose children that young when they have yet to express themselves more thoroughly. Those first years of life are so adaptable and flexible for children that making such a solid statement is premature. Most mental health issues "can" be ever changing rather than a lifelong label of a disease or illness. It's the few severe cases that need to be attended to. We all get depressed at some point. It's when we stay depressed that it's an issue, least I think.

But I remember the studies of children who live in high anxiety homes are more alert and aware with coping in high stress situations due to adjusting to surroundings. While more secure children grew up to be more...lax...reckless isn't the word. I forgot what that study was called.
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Well I think it's neat to see the spiritual progression through artwork from one culture translated within another country. The sculptures are quite haunting though, very interesting to look at!
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Cute picture! I think it shows a compassionate family oriented side in the military rather than a picture for war commentary. It is just a picture of a really cute little girl not wanting to say goodbye. As my daughter does sometimes during business trips, clinging on, being extra cute, not wanting to let go. It's always hard to be apart from family no matter what job you have. Those partings and reunions are so emotional though.

I will say when we were separated in 2003 with the Marines, all we had were handwritten letters. Now there's webcams, email, phone access, instant updates...you actually know where your friends and family are overseas. And the hygiene situation, far superior than before, ha. But still, I hope they all come home safe.
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