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Does Neatorama get paid for this or what?

Anyways, being a woman myself, I don't actually understand this PMS hysteria. I am sure many women have PMS problems, but surely it's not so bad that men need to cower in fear and offer to become toe-rags?

Honestly, I find these ads stupid. Not offensive, just stupid. But then again, advertisement agencies are known for spurting out copious amounts of crap on a daily basis, so...
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Making these kind of resumes seems fun and all, but I agree with vonskippy - all Science and Engineering jobs (come to think of it...probably other fields of work as well) have to be scannable. Putting in anything graphically pleasing is a big no-no.

Additionally, I would be worried about not being taken seriously if I make a pizzazz resume.
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Such a coincidence, I was just thinking of making my own pinhole camera a few days ago. I was just going to make a simple, crappy cardboard box version, but this looks so much aesthetically pleasing!

Thanks for posting this.
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Wait - why is SO much focus on the body hair? Just sounds a but funny to me...

"My hair is worthy of a shampoo commercial, and that’s just what grows on my legs" - if I were a 6 year old, I wouldn't want to buy this doll. Too hairy.
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