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Yeah I have some sinethesia too.. I taste colours, but only sometimes.. some stuff tastes blue or brownish-yellow etc. Apparently John Mayer and Jimi Hendrix both have it and it makes them see emotions in colour.. just look at the lyrics for Bold As Love!
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I had the same thing, but then I googled "strangest medical syndromes" and found the post.. and it didn't re-direct. Not sure why the link here does. Anyway.. try copying and pasting this into your browser?
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That looks amazing! I LOVE being under a blanket.. and since it goes on over your head like a shirt (at least I think it does.. I can't 100% tell from the pictures), then you don't have to worry about keeping it wrapped all the way around you (because I always am having to re-wrap a blanket behind my back whenever I shift my position). Plus it's all nice and long to keep your feet covered!
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Based on the way his cheeks don't move like normal cheeks should, I'm thinking it's some kind of disease/allergy. (i.e. his face is swollen)

I mean, he doesn't look like he's a slim kid to begin with, but I'm thinking he's got whatever he's got and his parents got him to sing the song because it's funny..
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Shoot - I wasn't logged in that first time (I thought I had already registered.. turns out I was wrong). Please don't count this as a double!

Star Performer IP Black, White LED!
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I tip the way it was intended - based on service. If the service is great, we'll sometimes tip 50-80%. Conversely, if the service is awful, then I don't tip. That's the rule - if you're okay with not tipping bad service, then you have to also be okay with over-tipping exceptional service.

I've heard a lot of people say that they feel obliged to tip because of the lower wages of waitresses, but the issue here is that the entire reason that they have it set up like that (lower wages + tips instead of just a regular wage and no tips) is to encourage good service (i.e. do a good job and you'll make more money). By tipping bad service, you're letting your server know that they can do a bad job and still make the same amount. I do my job to get my salary, just like they should do theirs.
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