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Does Spooty get something for being the first to point out the age error?

Honestly, I'm sure she's not the first to have noticed it - I've noticed stuff like that tons of times. I just haven't complained about it to anyone. I just say "ha.. stupid!" and carry on with my day.
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In Toronto I know at least some of the crosswalk buttons work - there's one on my way to work that if you don't push it, then you don't get a walk symbol at all. And every building I've lived in the door close button definitely works - the door will stay open about 30 seconds if you don't push it, but close right away if you do.

I don't have a thermostat that I can access at work, but I'd believe that one - I've called maintenance guys to fix the temp in my office so many times and they always assure me it's 21C.. even though my fingernails are turning blue!
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I'm with Chuck.. well except I am not down with tasers. But other than that, the onus is on both parties. The retailers KNOW that these things could happen, and so should have the proper measures in place to deal with it. If you're intentionally drawing a crowd, you HAVE to have crowd control.

On the other hand, people should not be pushing, shoving, stampeding. But again, if people were made to stand in an orderly line, then there would be less of an opportunity for a huge mob at the doors.

So, it is on everyone, but the retailers are the ones who should be in the position to control the shoppers so that they don't behave like a mob.

And I also agree that Black Friday should be discontinued - I don't really see it being worth people getting killed or permanently disabled over. We don't have it here in Canada and we don't seem any worse off for it (although we do have our Boxing Day sales, but I don't think people typically suffer any lasting injuries from them).
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What about this girl?
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So since the link only works in the US, I found it on YouTube so those of us with non-US IP's can watch too!
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I can hear it loud and clear.. it hurts my ears it's so loud.. I'll be 27 in a month. Not that much older than 25, but with how loud that was, I can't imagine that I wouldn't be able to still hear it in a few years!
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