Chubby Cuppy Cake


Update 10/24/08 by Alex - The original The Cuppycake Song (written by Judianna Castle) was sung by her daughter Amy Castle back in 1994. This version was (presumably) lip-synched by Job McCully. Job's not fat - the chubbiness you see is the result of medications. Here is Job's story | Job's website at CaringBridge | Extreme Makeover Home Edition episode for the McCully

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every one needs to leave this kid alone he is really sick and I feel bad for him and I also know how it feels to be picked on in school I get slamed into locker and punched and all that stuff so just leave him THE FU*K alone ok stupid jerks
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omg you guys are so mean this kid has a kidney disease he is sopposed to take steroids becouse it keeps him alive he is suffering and you should realy be nice would you want people to make fun of you becouse you have a disease you dont even want so just back off
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This little boy, Sam, has a disease in which his immune system attacks his kidneys. He has to take steroids to remain alive! That is why he looks the way he does! All of you that are hating on the poor little guy, should be dragged out into the street and shot!
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Ok people hes not fat he has a medical condition wich makes him swell up hes to me is absolutely adorable he is so sweet and nice and i dont know why people are so ignorant stop making fun of him hes not fat or obese OK! so stopi honestly people that have made some of these rude offensive is why our world is how it is because we judge without knowing
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I just want to state for the record to all the people leaving rude comments that this little boys name is Sam. Sam was on the Tyra Banks show and they had him redo this video on the show. He actually does have a medical problem that he has to take steroids for which makes him become chubby and more hungry. Plus his parents did not make the video his sister did and she posted it online. People should think before they speak and view themselves before they judge. Look at whats wrong with yourself and think "would I want someone to make fun of me for this?" you wouldn't. so don't make fun of others.
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