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I wanted to point something out, but the article itself has no comment's section...

It says that the ceiling of the Welsh Senedd is made of locally sourced oak. However, I have read that it is in fact Canadian sourced Red Cedar (as stated by wikipedia in it's article about the Senedd). I would really like to know which is true.
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At the risk of being a stereotypical Canadian, isn't this a bit more of a map of "How Americans stereotype other peoples, and how they percieve themselves as being stereoptypes."?

America takes up the largest portion of the map, a large section of which is dominated entirely by New York. Of course, if the artist ISN'T being stereotypically American and that's all just part of chart, this is me being stereotypically Canadian and backpedaling/appoligizing.
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Interesting. It's good to know someone took the time to give those poor souls a name. I can only hope that someone would do the same for me in a case like this.

On a side note, I first learned about this historical episode from the song "My Little Shirtwaist Fire" by Rasputina, from their album Thanks for the Ether.
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