The World Map of Useless Stereotypes

I reside squarely in the "iceberg-with-ranch-dressing-eating" area even though I dislike both those things intensely. The best, I think, is the huge collection of countries in Europe who think the others are all arrogant, though "old and bad at real estate" made me giggle. You can see a larger version of this on Laughing Squid. Link

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When does a takeoff become a ripoff?

The New York aspect is so prominent, that one can only imagine it was ripped from somewhere else, and had "world" tacked on after.
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To those that point out that NY is huge on the map...this is a takeoff of a map that was itself a takeoff...done in the New Yorker magazine decades ago that was meant to show that same newyorkcentrism...basically everything west of New Jersey is wastelands...having been a New Yorker during that period of time, I can tell you it's not too far off the mark for a lot of people that live there...
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I think it's telling that Manhattan is as big as Africa, and the NYC metro area as big as the continental US.

This isn't a map of stereotypes; this is a map of how a NYC-centric person lazily imagines people around the world feels about each other. Except for Africa, which has no feelings about the outside world, apparently.
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"The World Map of Useless Stereotypes"

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