3-Barrel Pole Cannon Fired after 500 Years

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The folks at Springfield Arsenal in Lorton, Virginia acquired a 16th Century cannon that would be fitted onto the end of a pole. It has three barrels. Presumably the musket nipple on the side of each barrel would be slapped against a hard surface, causing the gun to fire. At 2:55, they fire it with 75 grains of black power and a .69-caliber musket ball in each barrel.

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Here is a new thought...they need a curved pole in order to fire the darn thing and still be concealed behind the wall. But then, it would be a little hard to aim.

I thought the same thing about the percussion caps.

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A close look at this toy will show that the bands holding the barrel tubes together are arc-welded on. Arc welding is a 20th century development. 90% entertainment and 10% BS.
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I'd hate to think someone calls these guys experts. when that was made the gunners would have a lit punk to fire it, as already pointed out percussion caps weren't invented yet.
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I guess "real men" no longer exist to this "man". While this guy was hiding behind his mothers skirt, "real men (and women)" were out making sure he could live in a free world.
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