Bold Explorer Vows to Traverse the Length of Britain -- on Google Street View

At 27 years old, Matthew Partridge has decided to take up a great challenge. He will walk the length of Britain, from Land's End to John O'Groats. And Partridge has chosen a uniquely challenging form of travel -- clicking through Google Street View:

He said: "I can't be bothered with all the training, planning and hardships of actually doing the walk. That's why I've come up with this alternative."[...]

He's even limbered up with a bit of training — building up to two-hour stints in the evenings. He said: "You can cover 400 yards in about ten seconds."

And yet they say that young people these days have no ambition.

Link via reddit | Photo of Land's End by Flickr user Tanenhaus used under Creative Commons license

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As long as he stays within the borders of Street-View Britain, he'll be fine. But the moment he tries to go around the world in Street-View, he'll be lost to humanity because for sure he'll at some point fall off the face of the Internet...

Amen deadmundo.
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How does something this dumb make it into the news? Im sure that there are countless people that have made "journeys" with streetview. did this guy call up the local news station to announce this "journey"? "I can make it 400 yards in 10 seconds"??? sounds like a real newsworthy article...
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I flew around the world in Google Earth's flight simulator, from Los Angeles to New York, on to London, then Cairo, then St. Petersburg, then across Asia to Hong Kong, and down to Cairns, finally to Hawai'i and back to L.A. Oh, in real time -- no stops in flight.

Special thanks to my coworkers.
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I remember reading a science fiction story in, I think, the 1980s, possibly the 1990s, titled /The Boy Who Walked Around The Moons Of Jupiter/. The boy --15 or 18-- in nothing but VR glasses and underwear, walks on a treadmill. At the end of the story, a reporter (the narrator) sees that the boy has pissed himself; he informs him of this, and the boy calls out to his mother to come and clean him up: "Mom! I'm wet again!"
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