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"In fact, while I work from home now, when I have worked at places that employed janitors, I was always one of the only people that was not only nice to them, but made the extra effort to clean up after myself so they wouldn't have to do more work on my account."

Very nice of you to include these people that you went out of your way for and have so much respect for on this list. Just as long as you don't say it to their face.
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You're basing success in life on a monetary scale. I'm not saying it's good to encourage your child to aim low either. But I think it's silly of you to think that a kid playing with a janitors push cart is something to sneer at or to assume that even having that toy is really encouraging low standards.

You could argue that me having a proton pack when I was a kid as detrimental to my development. I mean really, what was my mom thinking letting me believe that I could be a Ghostbuster? What a waste of my childhood.

Because of course, as we all know we become what we pretended to be as children. And it's okay to pretend to be something, anything pretty much even fictional things as long as you're not holding a broom and a spray bottle?

So you respect blue collar jobs and you are friends with blue collar and you're even related to blue collar workers but you think they could all do a little better?

Look, it was a great list and I'm sure you didn't mean for it to come across the way it did. But if you really did respect the blue collar community you wouldn't have put a toy janitors cart on "The Eleven Most TERRIBLE Kid's Toys EVER." Regardless of your aspirations for future generations or respect for the salt of the earth.

It comes across as "you're job is so terrible children should be discouraged from mimicking it." They're janitors not pimps, drug dealers or hookers.
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Jill, I think you missed the point of why people were offended by the cleaning toys. And you're defense didn't really help. Telling people that you work from home doesn't mean you aren't classist. In fact, most people would consider that a luxury.

Weather or not you want kids to do well in life, what you pretty much said was "children playing with janitor toys is shameful, being a janitor is shameful, i'm better than other people and I don't remember enjoying being a child".

If this is on here then why not easy bake ovens or other cooking toys aimed at girls with that old time domestic feeling?

Also, as a former janitor, screw you ma'am. I started off as the janitor of a night club and ended up as general manager. It was the best 3 years of my life and I was paid very well.

Sometimes you have to start at the bottom. But that doesn't mean you should feel stigmatized by your profession, especially if it is an honest job.

If anything I'm glad this toy exists so that maybe the next generation of people doesn't look down on the guy that cleans up their messes, unlike you.
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I'm more offended at the writer of the caption. I thought neatorama had decided a long time ago that they were going to stay out of politics. The subject isn't offensive but the obvious Clinton hating goes against something they said they weren't going to do. It's cool if you don't like him but my respect for Neatorama has gone down a lot because I think they hired new people who might be idiots.
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This was pointless. Sadly Neatorama has started to be come more and more less neat over the past month. I pressed play before I read anything and stared at the center dot and could see what was happening.
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He made it easier for me as a boy having the name Leslie. And when I met him when I was 6 he told me to "Always have a sense of humor about it." It's one of my favorite childhood memories.
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It's not that we don't like fun but this one is along the lines of the virgin mary on a cheese sandwich. It's like saying "why did these native americans use a nazi symbol?". They didn't it just looks like the same thing.
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