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So, they can't whistle in their space suits for the same reason they can't scream in their space suits? Wow, okay.

I've said this before but I'm done with neatorama and this time I'm going to make a conscious effort to stop visiting. I don't know what happened over the last year but there has been constant bs, unchecked opinions or irrelevant expansions of generally known facts.

Oh, and has anyone else noticed the factless politics creeping in here? I thought one of neatoramas pledges was to exclude political opinions.

If a student was in science class and asked "So, you can't hear them scream in space but can you hear them whistle?" they would most likely get a smart ass remark for their smart ass question.

I encourage others to do the same and check back in a month to see if they get the point.

This used to be the first sight I checked when I got online, now it's 6th or 7th because of crap like this.

Bring back the ability to vote for submitted links because y'all suck at it!
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Again, neatorama has dropped the ball by not doing research on something that's been floating around the internet long enough to make these kind of mistakes inexcusable. What happened here? It used to be very reliable. The same thing happened with the lightbulb law the other day.
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I think something went wrong. The only video it's showing me is the floating money trick I reloaded the page and same thing. I'm really confused.
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Umm, debt ceiling? I don't care about what lightbulbs I use, as long as I can buy them at the store. There's lots of people that don't even have running water, and we're fighting over lightbulbs? Holy hell!
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So all of the fish we eat now comes solely from the Western part of the Atlantic? This doesn't seem right. I'm not saying it hasn't declined drastically but this just doesn't look right to me.
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@Miiike Yeah people will believe anything. But if you're going to try and dispute something maybe you should use better evidence than a "behind the scenes" article where the skeptic admits to getting ALL of their information from second and third hand sources. And didn't have the foresight to know that bamboo is grass and therefor doesn't have tree rings.
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Disney really pissed me off with this. They shouldn't be able to trademark SEAL team 6. It's paid for with our taxes there for it belongs to the government which belongs to us. What the hell is wrong with this country?
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The spot where it says Austin is is actually San Antonio. Having lived in San Antonio 21 of my 26 years, I can say this map is complete rubbish. I think my mom told me there was almost a tornado here once in the 60's. And when it does flood here it doesn't come close to a large scale disaster. We're too far away from the coast for a hurricane from doing anymore damage than a powerful thunder storm. The city is too large and spread apart for wild fires. The only thing that happens regularly which could be considered a natural disaster(if you're exaggerating)is the drought we have every spring/summer. I think someone made this map to make themselves feel safer about where they live by putting in false information.
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I think Brendon Walsh made a joke about shaving your beard like that on last weeks John Oliver's New York Stand up Show. If he did, this is kind of depressing.
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You can also cut the onions through a plexiglass wall with two holes cut out for you to stick your arms through while the onions are under a vent hood. Or, just cut the damn onion and get over it.
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Also it is possible to be a janitor and go to college at the same time. Like I said sometimes you have to start at the bottom. I'm not mad and I respect you for standing your ground. Sorry for saying screw you. I get where you're coming from but wish you had been more tactful about it.
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