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Pretty much the only thing I don't like about Neatorama is your on-going promotion of bacon. It makes me think you're getting money from the meat industry. If that's true, it should make all of us queasy.
Please answer me this: What percentage of bacon sold in the US does NOT come from inhumane factory farms (which are environmental catastrophes)? My guess is it's less than 5%.
You don't need to be vegetarian (I'm not) to be horrified by the specter of pigs in tiny crates stacked 10 crates high, each one shitting on the ones bellow and having to be hosed down with antibiotics because the conditions are so filthy. Those same antibiotics helping to breed super germs in the huge pig shit lagoons. Does anyone remember the swine flu scare?
Honestly, I find your cutesy promotion of bacon disgusting.
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How many fresh water wells could we have installed in Africa with this money? Wouldn't it be great if we used our wealth to help the world love us again?

We used to be loved and admired around the world. Now we are hated and despised by so many. Weapons like this will never make us safer.
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I wonder if most people realize their bacon comes from pigs raised in huge filthy inhumane factory farms. The conditions are so unsanitary that the pigs have to be hosed down with antibiotics, a practice which is breeding drug resistant viruses and bacteria. The sewage lakes alone are an environmental tragedy.
I've been seeing all of this pro-bacon stuff and it strikes me as lame attempts at viral marketing started to offset the swine flu scare.
Go ahead and enjoy bacon if you want, but NOT from factory farmed pigs.
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Well it looks pretty cool, but it should be electric. The new electric bikes just blow away gas powered ones. By 2020 they'll have the batteries worked out for decent range and recharging.
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I've just been watching that Ken Burns special on the national parks. He uses Niagra Falls as the example of what would have happened if commercial developers had had their way with Yosemite and Yellowstone.
Somehow, seeing those pastel lights makes me appreciate our national parks even more!
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Training elephants for stunts like these is very brutal. It is accomplished by inducing pain and fear and there is always a high mortality rate for the 'trainees'. If you love elephants, consider supporting one of the few groups in Thailand devoted to protecting these magnificent creatures:
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Nice to see that the Somali Pirates are still being used as media fodder and straw men. Too bad so few people know about their fishing grounds being wiped out and the nuclear waste being dumped off their shores, events that drove these fishermen into desperate poverty.
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The really neat thing is that they don't have to test it for safety before selling it to us! We all get to find out how dangerous or safe it might be. Of course there couldn't be any unforeseen problems with health or the fragile ecosystems that have developed over millions or even billions of years.
And best of all, no testing means increased profits for the patent holders and corporate shareholders. That means they can more easily dominate the marketplace and further limit the already shrinking genetic heritage of naturally cultivated seedstocks.
Eventually we'll all be totally dependent on their patented man made food stuffs. Everyone (who owns the patents) wins!
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Don't forget those cool super-germ breeder reactors (pig manure lagoons) down in Mexico. Enjoy your bacon while watching your family and friends die in the next flu pandemic!
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I was 18 in 1977. All my friends hated disco music that we heard on the radio or records. It seemed utterly commercial, soul-less and devoid of meaning to me. I had no idea that black people and gays had anything to do with it. I thought it was all corporate.
News to me I was a homophobic racist.
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I would have agreed with JP Carter a few days ago, but the closer I look the more this whole thing stinks. Please check out this video of an Ohio congresswoman addressing the issue:
The Republicans have long held a strategy of crippling the federal government to keep it from funding social programs and regulating industry. This is their finest hour--if they can trick us into this massive debt we'll be stuck forever paying it off at best. At worst our nation will collapse.
These guys are so good at manufacturing crises to shove through covert power grabs. Watch that video and tell your representatives what you think. You and your kids will be paying for this, if it goes through.
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When I was in Bali I got to have little bananas for breakfast every day. They were so much better than our US imports! I'm guessing the cavendish wasn't chosen because of flavor or texture, but some trait that allows it to travel and store well.
The part of this that scares me is that African staple foods are at risk.
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