10 (More!) Eccentric Genetically Modified Fruits & Veggies

The food we eat – from corn to cattle – has been domestically modified for thousands of years. Today scientists, agronomists and geneticistsare taking the next step: improving our food from the inside out.
Allergic to tomatoes? It’s more likely than you think – up to 16 percent of people are sensitive to tomatoes, adding extra complications to life in a world of free-flowing ketchup, tomato sauce and burgers with the works. It’s not tomatoes themselves that are at fault, it’s a small protein called Profilin. By silencing two genes responsible for Profilin production in tomatoes, scientists can create non-allergenic fruit that are otherwise completely normal in taste, texture and appearance.


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From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by scaryman.

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The really neat thing is that they don't have to test it for safety before selling it to us! We all get to find out how dangerous or safe it might be. Of course there couldn't be any unforeseen problems with health or the fragile ecosystems that have developed over millions or even billions of years.
And best of all, no testing means increased profits for the patent holders and corporate shareholders. That means they can more easily dominate the marketplace and further limit the already shrinking genetic heritage of naturally cultivated seedstocks.
Eventually we'll all be totally dependent on their patented man made food stuffs. Everyone (who owns the patents) wins!
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"10 (More!) Eccentric Genetically Modified Fruits & Veggies"

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