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I have friends that did this and they wouldn't check the toilet frequently enough that sometimes if you stopped for a visit, expect a surprise in the toilet if you needed to use the bathroom....ewwww
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Ironic that after a post titled Planet Earth with a video depicting some of the most beautiful sites in the world, there's a post showing a new building that would have apartments, shopping, entertainment, etc all enclosed in one area so that no one ever had to leave and see anything else on Planet Earth...
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Love the website. It's one of the daily ones I must visit.

I used to visit simply for my unusual/amazing picture of the day, but they are trying to get away from that. Would love it if you'd pick up something along those lines. Also love the quick flash games. Just basically love the diversity of the site.

Would really hate if you became political and started posting that type of material. There are plenty of other sites for that and you'll immediately alienate 1/2 your audience depending on which side of the political line you fall (something Hollywood has yet to learn and understand.)

Keep up the great work and have a great 2008!!!
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I am so tired of the bleeding heart liberals waxing poetic on the poor downtrodden CRIMINALS. They're criminals and none of the above mentioned punishments are abusive in ANY way. Good grief. I think all prisons should be like Supermax. 23 hours a day of solitary.
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Ridiculous. A hairdresser in Italy once "butchered" her hair and that's her reasoning for spending that kind of money. Lady, get real. The last time my hair was butchered, guess what. Wait for it. IT GREW BACK. It's hair for crying out loud. Think of how many starving children you could have fed for that kind of money. Get over yourself.
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My brother (the idiot) went to a Saints game one night and he was late as usual and couldn't find a place to park. He saw a group of cars (more than 100) parked in this illegal section. He admitted that he also saw a line of tow trucks (5 or so) just waiting for the game to start. He parked there anyway with the attitude "What, there's more than a hundred cars here, they can't get them all." Dingbat forgot that a football game lasts for HOURS. Yep, they got them all. I thought it was funny. He didn't....
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