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is that the blender show, where those crazy guys with blenders and their soon to be blended gadgets? how about blending sony's battery? wonder if it explodes...
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the only thing stopping lightbulbs from getting smaller and lighter is the economic factor of introducing a newer standard. The answer is not another new design, the answer is a new standard that allows a smooth migration between the old and the new.
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that is not an american flag, its a Malaysian flag, notice the yellow colour. Google for Malaysia flag and you'll notice the difference and similarity between Malaysia and America's flag, yes, Malaysia stole the american flag.
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you know, in the future when ever there are any suspicious videos, people would go 'Its CGIed', juts like how people would say 'PhotoshopED'
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as a chinese in south east asia, i have to admit that education is important in the chinese society, the real question is, why do asians prefer science over arts? If I told my parents I wanted to study graphic design, they would definitely oppose, reason? there is no money in arts.

In short, the chinese strive hard in edu not because they enjoy or love the subject but the idea of making lots of money when they are employed, maybe a study on creativity should be carried out.
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Ratz said: "Man, I’m glad the Russians have generally been our allies, accordian-guy alone would kick our asses."

Allies? ever heard of the cold war? btw, that is an awesome dance, does it still exist? is it a folk dance?
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