Flat Bulb - A Bright Idea

Korean designer Kim Joonhuyn has come up with the "Flat Bulb" - a slim light bulb that is 33% smaller than a standard bulb, reducing the cost of packaging and transportation.


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Most incandescent bulbs are filled with an argon/nitrogen mix. Bulbs are usually mostly spherical or cylindrical to limit shadows.

It will never hit the hardware store shelves. There is so much wrong with it. The base is dangerous, and smaller bulbs are already available. Fluorescents and LED's will soon replace incandescents for most applications.

Another "designer" on the loose.
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I agree that it's an interesting idea except for the fact that regular incandescent bulbs are going the way of the dodo. If it was simply a piece of artwork making a statement it might be more accepted.
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emmakate: Which is asinine as there IS no viable replacement right now. CF has to be handled like it's toxic waste when it's gone, and they're recently discovered LCD's create a hell of a lot of toxicity issues too.

So it's either incandescent or candles really. Of course the government will make the typical kneejerk ill thought out reaction to the whiny green idiots (who know even less than the government), and force us all to use CF most likely, despite the fact they cause migraines in susceptible people (myself included) and are a toxic nightmare.
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"Flat Bulb - A Bright Idea"

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