Olympic Torches Throughout History

The New York Times has a really neat gallery of the Olympic torches and their histories, from the one used in Summer Olympic Games in Berlin, 1936 to today's Beijing Olympics.

Link [Flash] - Thanks karan!

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There was a bloke in Austraslia who ran along being followed by the press and applauded as he went by at the Melbourne games in 56.

What he was actually carrying was a table leg with a tin can nailed tio the top,with a bit of cotton dipped in kerosene burning away in it.

The real torch bearer was some way behind him and was for quite a long time ignored.

The coppers arrested him but were buggered if they could work out waht to charge him with.
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The one used in china doubles as a castration device for families that have more than the children allowed. Boycott this sorry excuse of a gathering of "good will".

Between the joke that is the political land mine of china, and the allowance of pro athletes, there is no reason any country should go and compete.
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"Olympic Torches Throughout History"

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