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Oh yes, definitely shenanigins! Why make a plane out of paper? Even if you could find passengers small enough, you'd never be able to take the weight of them AND their luggage. And nobody's even considered air-traffic control. And it would get wet if it rained and cause a terrible accident. And it's on the internet. Yes it's definitely a fake. Everything on the internet is. In fact, Neatorama must be fake too.

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I've thought about this before...

I always assumed the theorem implied that a given monkey had to type out the entire works in a single sitting. I always wondered how strict the imagined observers would have been about spelling, punctuation and grammar.

What constitutes a matched section? If you're particularly generous and allow a single letter, you can match ALL of the bard's work after 26 individual keystrokes.

And I can't help but think a computer's randomised simulation wouldn't match a monkey's frustrated bashing of the same few keys for hours on end.

Whilst interesting, this doesn't in any way match my interpretation of the theorem.
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There's a wealth of overused and/or ugly fonts out there.

I hate Curlz MT, Papyrus, and I'm rapidly getting fed up of seeing Bleeding Cowboys and Bank Gothic everywhere...
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I knew about octopodes, but I pronounced it phonetically (octo-powds), rather than "oct-opoddies" like she did.

I am English though, so I imagine I speak with a so-called "British" accent.
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It may have been a poorly executed experiment, but I've heard the suggestion of mobile phones might affect bees a handful of times before.

Aside from the earlier Neatorama article (Landau University of Koblenz, Germany), I saw an interview with a beekeper somewhere (I forget where) who said hives thrive best wherever he can't get phone reception.

Yes, for the most part unsubstatiated hearsay, but surely that's a good place to start looking. Lets do some proper experiments. Let's either prove or disprove it instead of arguing over inconclusive 'evidence'.
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