Ordinary Paper Airplane Goes for Quite a Trip

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redditor Blackandredflag and his friends were tossing paper airplanes off what looks like the top of a tall dormitory. One airplane flight kept going and going and going...and ended perfectly.

-via reddit

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@ Wes

Sorry that questioning the authenticity of this video is so offensive to you. Buy as I said: just trying to say that real or fake, both possibilities are entirely possible imo.

In case you're not convinced that faking videos is pretty common place these days check this out:
Ultimate Batting Practice.

It sure would be great if we lived in a world where we could simply believe everything we saw, but we don't live in such a word anymore (if ever we did).
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My "why would someone film something this asinine" had less to deal with the reality of the film clip and more to do with the asinineness of the actions. Sadly, people film themselves doing all sorts of tedious and silly things all the time, and it's not quite a case of infinite monkeys typing Shakespeare, which would admittedly be more entertaining to watch than this.

Enjoy your time in the sun, guy in redshirt (if that is your real name). If Star Terk has taught us anything, you do not have long to live.
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Fact: People with video cameras never film anything mundane.

Fact: Nothing cool and seemingly impossible ever happens, ever.

Fact: No one on the Internet is a cynical douchebag.
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>> That would take too much effort...

Uhmm... the internet is filled to the brim with things that should have taken "too much effort". ;)

In this particular case I think that for somebody with experience in adding visual effects to film this might not have taken more than 15 minutes.
Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxC5WI6Owcw

So the odds of the plane landing in the bin are astronomically small. Or so it seems to me. You could probably throw that plane a million times off the roof and it would never land in the bin. On top of that you happened to be filming it at the same time, making it even more unlikely.
Video editing makes faking this relatively easy these days.
On top of that a lot of things struck me as odd in the video (see list).
And yes I'm a cynic. *
So there you go. ;)

(Actually I should have said "I'm skeptical". Real or fake, both possibilities are entirely possible imo.)

* If everybody is honest, the one person who cheats wins. As a result EVERYBODY cheats. Welcome to reality. ;)
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