8 Christmas Foods That Should Be Forgotten

You can probably guess that fruitcake will be on a list of not-so-welcome traditional Christmas foods. This list also covers figgy pudding, green bean casserole, and lutefisk.
To make lutefisk you catch a cod, take out the bones, skin it, salt it, and hang it out to dry for several weeks until it hardens and smells like a dumpster. Then, bring it inside and soak it in lye for several days. (Yes, lye) Lye will turn cod into a gelatinous blob that slithers down your throat.

Have you ever eaten lutefisk? Does anyone like it? Link -via Breakfast Links

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there's a lot to be said about preparation when it comes to lutefisk. if you boil it it goes to pieces and the flavor is lacking but if you microwave it, my family's found [through laziness] that it's quite good! Like many dishes it's all about how you cook it.
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This is definitely not Neatorama-worthy. It's basically a particularly picky 8-year-old complaining to people about non-American holiday foods.

The reindeer stew comment was particularly idiotic as it wasn't based on the food itself, just a moronic connection to some fictional beasts of burden.

The author needs to grow up.
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While I was at Luther College (where my Norksi's at?) they served lutefisk once at Christmas.
I pride myself on being able to eat anything, but I took one forkful into my mouth and primal forces took over and I spit it all over my plate. It was some horrible chemical, necrotic sensation I hope never to experience again.
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