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Even if court martials weren't a separate trial, this is still only double jeopardy. An appeal isn't being charged twice for the same crime, it is more of an amendment to the current trial. So, this would not qualify as a triple jeopardy.
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It's funny how all of the pictures of these places are skewed to show isolation. On a lesser sort of note, all the pictures of Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.
All of the pictures seem to show this castle on the top of the mountain. In actuality, the castle is only about 1/4 of the way up the side of a mountain. It's basically on a small hill.
Not as bad as having a McDonald's in the courtyard, but shocking when you first see it.
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We're not far away.
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I'm with you. The technology is very interesting to me and may be worthwhile. However, don't go touting the environmental benefits without doing a real cradle-to-grave study on the whole system including energy generation.
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I've been ranting about this for years based on some shampoo bottles we used to get that would be 20 oz bottles and exclaim 25% more! (than our 16 oz bottle). Nothing new, and in my opinion, nothing to complain about. It's a way to get the less observant of us.
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Also, those aren't bottle rockets. They are the motors for model rockets. Agreed that they are not made of metal or anything, but they are a bit more powerful and get a good deal more hot than a bottle rocket.
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