The Sphinx and the Pyramid of Khafre, as seen from... Pizza Hut

Conventional photographs of the Sphinx, such as the one featured in this month's issue of Smithsonian magazine, are taken looking west and give the impression that the figure and the three pyramids sit in a remote Egyptian desert. The reality is that urban development of Cairo and Giza have brought the cities to within easy walking distance, as one can see from a Google satellite view.  This photo, taken from inside a nearby fast food location, emphasizes that reality in a dramatic fashion.

Photo credit. Via Reddit.

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It is rather surprising to learn that there's a Pizza Hut/KFC, a Four Seasons Hotel and nine hole golf course all within easy walking distance of the Egyptian ruins. The photos you typically see online are cleverly taken from certain angles to avoid showing these.

While it is surprising, it's not entirely shocking. After all, tourism is a big industry for countries with ancient ruins and they would be stupid to not do everything they could to make the tours as user friendly as possible. I certainly wouldn't want to see a Pizza Hut or McD's logo stamped on the sides of the pyramids or Sphinx, but within walking distance is reasonable.

I wonder if there are restaurants like that around the Acropolis and Stonehenge as well.
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Perhaps at this point it would be relevant to insert mention of Skylon Tower overlooking Niagara Falls - "In the base of the tower you will find a large arcade, several gift shops and numerous fast food restaurants. For those who enjoy watching movies there has been a newly added 3D/4D Theatre, along with 2 Starbucks franchises, and a bridge which connects the Fallsview Casino.'

This link has a photo:
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This is the modern world. Of course there are pizza huts and kfc's. Who are you to think to tell the Egyptians that just because they hold one of the most amazing structures of the world that they have to live like the times that they were built in? You want to deny them modern conveniences just because you think that corporate america is ruining everything? They could have said, no, we don't want them. Just so you know, all you kids of rich parents with nothing to do but protest, your parents are rich because of corporate america. Even you so called "organic farmers," i.e. whole foods market, is a LARGE CORPORATION! Get a job already.
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