A Ferry Powered Completely by Rechargeable Batteries

A Japanese shipbuilding company named IHI Marine United is developing a ship that can be powered entirely by rechargeable lithium batteries. It will be able to travel 80 km while carrying 800 passengers:

Its Zero Emission Electric Propulsion Ship will use batteries that can be recharged at charging stations in ports it visits. The plug-in ship powered by lithium-ion batteries would run without a diesel engine, thus cutting its carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxide emissions to zero.

The company hopes to have a commercial vehicle available in 2015.

Link via technabob | Photo: Far East Gizmos

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I'm with you. The technology is very interesting to me and may be worthwhile. However, don't go touting the environmental benefits without doing a real cradle-to-grave study on the whole system including energy generation.
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Wow, look at that beauty! Those Japanese are clever. Passing off a ship built in Tasmania (thus the 'devil' look) as one of their own.
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While I'm sure this is a splendid thing, I get really irritated by claims of zero carbon emissions for battery vehicles.
The power to charge the batteries has to come from somewhere, and even if it's from a renewable source there's the carbon involved in making and replacing the batteries every few years. I'd love an electric car - though not the high-performance things beloved of car manufacturers, something like this...
only not solar powered. Windows in the back, three rows of removeable double seats. Perfect for running around town and keep the big diesel for long trips.
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