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The connotation of the word probably gets in the way. But, in a scholarly sense it is usually used to refer to the body of traditional beliefs and stories that a culture uses to define itself.
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The concept is relatively solid. Especially given the details of the Columbian group you talked about, yesterday. However, it being used as a blueprint for rebuilding out of the earthquake/tsunami/meltdown disaster is a little far fetched. I hope those communities won't be waiting 7 years before they start cleaning up and rebuilding.
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Geez, Amazon! Conceited much? How can you base most well-read off of how many books per capita are bought from Amazon? Shouldn't you include newspapers, magazines, journals, bookstores, libraries, etc. if you are judging well-read? I am sure there are some cities that read lots of books but don't buy them from e-tailers.
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I can't read the New Yorker from work, but I have a big question for Mayor Bloomberg. Aren't you interested in helping Detroit? As a Metro-Detroiter, there was much interest shown in your idea of allowing unlimited immigration as long as the people settled in Detroit. The idea has some merit, as long as there are jobs available in Detroit. You aren't going to help the Detroit job situation if you buy an entire taxi fleet from Nissan! Can't a city get a bone over here?
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Braces vs insurance cost blows my mind. Theoretically, having braces helps cut down on future risk of many dental problems. Yet, my insurance company doesn't seem to think that the cost of braces is worth a reduction in their future costs. Both myself and my daughter could use braces to clear up some issues. Since insurance will only cover $1000 of the $3000-4000 cost, only my daughter gets to rock the hotness.
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